Billions of Salads

At Your Fingertips

Salad Shake is a unique salad recipe & suggestion app for the iPhone & iPad that offers you billions of dynamic possiblities!

Salad Shake is available on the Apple App Store for Just $0.99! Grab yourself a copy and start shaking.

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Never Run Out of Salad Ideas Again

Use our salad algorithm to generate salads that are totally unique and lovingly crafted just for you--by our cat chef.

image of a salad shake generated salad

Each Salad is a Unique Creation

Our algorithm was written to include over a hundred ingredients. Each time you create a salad, you’re almost guranteed to get a different result--unless you’re picky.

Save, Rate & Make Your Salads

You can generate unlimited salads, save your favorites, make your salads for real, modify the ingredients to your taste and more!

Share Your Salads With Friends

Share your favorite creations with your friends or dare them to eat some strange combinations.

Discover Unexpected Deliciousness

We are actively expanding our ingredients list so your salads will continue to be crazy unique and become even more interesting.

A Buck, No Gimmicks

Salad Shake is $0.99. Period. We don’t run ads, we don’t have hidden subscription fees, we don’t even have in app purchases. You pay one dollar and you get everything, including future updates and ingredients releases.

Get It on the Apple App Store

Salad Shake is available on the Apple App Store for just $0.99! For less than a cup of artisan coffee, you could be making billions of salads ~^_^~.

Healthy Eating Has Never Been So Easy

Just three quick steps and you can shake yourself a salad. It’s so easy, we had a cat do it for you.


Pick how many ingredients you want in your salad from 4 to 8.


Carefully shake your iPhone or iPad to mix up the ingredients.


Marvel as our chef comes up with a salad in just seconds.

Chef Blue with a phone in his hand

Grab a Copy & Start Shaking

Shake your salad, share your salad, challenge your friends to eat your creations. There’s so many ways to enjoy Salad Shake.

  • billions of salad possibilities.
  • Over 100 Ingredients included. More on the way!
  • Share with your friends, use it as a grocery list, eat healthier.
  • Shake as many salads as you want.
  • Find an inspiring and unique salad in just seconds.
  • Write recipes from your Salad Shake salads and share them.
  • Personalize your ingredients by choosing which you want to use.
  • Find and discover all the ingredients.
Half plated image of a real Salad Shake generated salad

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Free Stuff!

We hope you like free stuff as much as we do! We've created some cute things you can use with Salad Shake. Check them out.

Digital Goods (zipped)

We've included tons more resolutions and sizes in these zipped wallpapers than our direct links. Download these compressed versions for wallpapers sized for iPad Pro, iPhone 6 Plus, and much more!

Desktop Wallpaper

iPad Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpaper

Digital Goods (direct)

Desktop Wallpaper (2880x1800)

Desktop Wallpaper, Pattern Only (2880x1800)

iPad (Air & Mini) Wallpaper (1536x2048)

iPad (Air & Mini) Wallpaper, Pattern Only (1536x2048)

iPhone6s Wallpaper (750x1334)

iPhone6s Wallpaper, Pattern Only (750x1334)

Printables (zipped)

Grocery Lists

Recipe Cards

Be the First to Know

Salad Shake is available on the Apple App store for just $0.99! That's less than a fancy cupcake at a bakery and healthier too!

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